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  • Sales Script
  • Monthly Subscription (by the way...to their affiliate page and business friends!)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • CRM or Lead Software
  • "Motivated Sellers" To Purchase
  • Marketing Channel (postcards, power dialers, bots, text service, etc.)

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  • Find motivated sellers in ANY market from ANYWHERE in the world. 
  • Choose the hottest markets, zip codes and subdivisions in MINUTES!
  • Find THE BEST REI DATA to get more leads and DEALS!
  • Ethically steal all of your competitor leads!
  • Build a nationwide Buyers List and contact them for FREE!
  • Learn an investors “Buy-Box” before ever reaching out to them.
  • Spot the most active hard & private money lenders in ANY market.
  • Find co-wholesaling partners, agents and investors to get deals CLOSED. 
  • Identify the top-performing real estate agents & brokers in your target market
  • Get nationwide comps for FREE (in disclosure & non-disclosure states)
  • D4D from your couch without ever paying for D4D apps
  • Leverage VAs to automate your business

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Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers and Agents

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"The Deal Accelerator Program"

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

The Deal Accelerator Program was created to help all levels of real estate entrepreneurs speed past the competition and quickly get their first deal, next deal and scale-up to consistent deals; without relying on gurus.  Prepared to get all the information you need to easily find motivated sellers, cash buyers, JV partners, top-performing real estate agents, the best REI data and so much more!

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Get Deals While Working Less Than 30 Minutes a Day!

Tired of spending countless hours trying to get real estate deals without seeing results? The Deal Accelerator Program is here to help. Our proven system is designed to help you get deals while working less than 30 minutes a day. With practical steps and strategies, you'll learn how to find motivated sellers, build a buyers' list, and negotiate effectively. Say goodbye to wasting time and hello to a thriving real estate business. Enroll now and start accelerating your deals in just 30 minutes a day!

Find Motivated Sellers BEFORE Anyone Else!

Want to find motivated sellers before anyone else? The Deal Accelerator Program can help you do just that. Our comprehensive real estate course will teach you proven strategies to locate and reach out to motivated sellers before your competitors even know they exist. With our practical steps and insider tips, you'll have the upper hand in the market and be on your way to closing more deals in no time. Don't wait to get ahead of the competition - enroll in The Deal Accelerator Program today and start finding motivated sellers like a pro!

Locate Active Cash Buyers & JV Partners -  Nationwide!

Looking to build a strong network of active cash buyers and JV partners in the real estate industry? The Deal Accelerator Program has got you covered. Our comprehensive course provides practical steps and insider tips to help you locate and connect with active cash buyers and JV partners. With our proven strategies, you'll be able to build a robust network of professionals in no time, paving the way for more deals and greater success in the real estate market. Don't wait to take your business to the next level - enroll in The Deal Accelerator Program today!

The Deal Accelerator Program Helps You NEVER Pay For: 

  • Real Estate Data
  • Motivated Seller Lists
  • Cash Buyers Lists
  • “Nationwide” Sales Comp Data
  • Deal Analysis Websites & “Tools”
  • Private & Hard Money Lender Lists
  • Driving For Dollars Subscriptions
  • Guru Mentorships, Coaches, Trainers, etc.

Just to name a few...

When You Enroll In

'The Deal Accelerator Program' Today 

You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!



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Bonus #1 | "Contact to Close" Roadmap

Bonus #1 | "Contact to Close" Roadmap

"Effortlessly Close More Leads!"

Total Value: $997

This will give you complete control of your sales process and conversations. Begin closing more leads right over the phone with just ONE call TODAY! 

  • Use a proven system to have productive and natural conversations with clients
  • Effortlessly close more leads!
  • Always know what to ask and when to ask it!
  • Quickly identify what’s important, why it’s important and how your client wants to solve their problem.
  • Have complete control of your sales process and conversations. 
  • Close more leads over the phone with just ONE call.

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

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Bonus #2 | "Deal or No Deal" Calculator

Bonus #2 | "Deal or No Deal" Calculator

Never Lose Money On A Deal With Our Exclusive "Deal or No Deal Calculator"

Total Value: $597 

You'll be able to calculate - down to the exact penny -  how much money you'll make on deals! TODAY you confidently make offers right over the phone - in just seconds!

  • Quickly underwrite deals while on the phone with sellers
  • Know EXACTLY how much money you’ll make on your deals
  • Understand the TRUE COSTS of doing a deal for your end-buyer or exit strategy.
  • Cancel subscriptions that offer outdated tools and formulas
  • Create your win-win offers for sellers
  • Never LOSE money on a deal again!

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

Yes! I Want The Secrets To Real Estate Success!

Bonus #3 | KPI Mastery - Know Your Numbers

Bonus #3 | KPI Mastery - Know Your Numbers

"Make Better & Quicker Business Decisions!"

Total Value: $597

With this resource alone, you'll be able to increase accountability, enhance team/individual performance and fully understand what's working in your business. 

  • Enjoy the benefits of team and individual accountability
  • Instantly 10X your Company focus, performance and execution. 
  • Create better alignment with your company goals and actual execution 
  • Improve the overall  communication about your business targets.
  • Increase transparency of what’s working and not working in your business

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

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Bonus #4 | HR Talent Playbook for VAs

Bonus #4 | HR Talent Playbook for VAs

"Hire (and retain) The BEST Talent For Your Business"

Total Value: $597

When you get our proprietary HR Talent Playbook, you'll be able to effortlessly manage remote employees from around the world! 

  • Manage a team of remote employees
  • Hire the best talent 
  • Onboard people who are ethical and aligned with your mission, values and strategy
  • Get the most productivity from employees around the world
  • Spend MUCH less on talent 
  • Delegate unwanted or undesirable tasks to VAs
  • Focus your time and energy on your strengths and passion

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

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Bonus #5 | VA Training Academy

Bonus #5 | VA Training Academy

"Access On-Demand Training Videos For Your ENTIRE Team"

Total Value: $1,297

Never worry about employee turnover and having to train new employees again! ANYONE can watch these videos and help you get more deals! 

  • Access on-demand training videos for employees that’s available anytime & anywhere.  
  • Teach VAs (from day 1 of employment)on how to distinguish between good & bad leads, data and online sources.
  • Train new employees quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources needed for onboarding.
  • Reduce turnover and increase engagement/retention!

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

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Bonus #6 | The "Deals in Plain Sight Method"

Bonus #6 |The "Deals in Plain Sight Method"

"Learn The Never Before Taught Secrets To Find MLS Deals In Any Market!" 

Total Value: $997

Quickly find on-market deals that are often overlooked and undervalued and create offers that actually solves the Seller's problem - without ever speaking to the agent/seller! 

  • Find on-market deals that are often overlooked and undervalued!
  • Quickly identify distress indicators that caused the Seller to list the property.
  • Solve the Seller’s problem by writing the PERFECT offer.
  • Find seller finance and creative finance opportunities from listed properties.
  • Uncover the REAL reason why someone decided to sell.
  • Give list agents confidence in your ability to meet their client’s need(s).

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

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Bonus #7 | The "Best REI DATA Secrets!" (100K+ Leads)

Bonus #7 | The "Best REI DATA Secrets!" (100K+ Leads)

"Get Ready To Cancel All Of Your Data/List Provider Subscriptions TODAY!"

Total Value: $2,997

That's right - never pay for another motivated sellers list or cash buyers list again! Get unlimited property data from the hottest markets using the secrets gurus/affiliates never wanted to you know!

  • Find hundreds of thousands of potential motivated sellers in the hottest markets
  • Contact in & out of state property owners with vacant properties
  • Strategically build a buyers list in your target market
  • NEVER pay for another Sellers List
  • NEVER pay for another Buyers List
  • Have unlimited property data in the hottest market(s).

Get This For FREE When You Enroll In "The Deal Accelerator Program" TODAY!

Yes! I Want The Secrets To Real Estate Success!

Total Value: $12,094

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